Freelance Level Designer

3D Platformer

This is a freelance role as a level designer for a 3D Platformer. There’s an opportunity for permanent full time work once the contract is finished.

We need your help to design and create levels for an unannounced VR title that is currently in pre-production. It’s a 3D platformer with a stylized aesthetic and varied, playful mechanics. We want the player to feel delighted.

Yes, you can work remotely. We are based in GoldCoast, Australia so when COVID finishes, there may be an option to work with us here if you desire. For remote work, you’ll need your own PC and a PC capable VR headset.

Role Description

  • Sketch, design, and build single-player levels that leave the player feeling delighted
  • Plan out levels from both the macro and moment-to-moment perspectives
  • Use Unity to design, build, integrate, and optimize game environments
  • Work with our artist and developers to implement systems and mechanics for your levels
  • Provide constructive feedback on features, environments, and processes
  • Evaluate and implement feedback from the producer, testers and other designers
  • Write and illustrate clear design documentation
  • Collaborate with other departments to ensure content meets established goals and parameters\\
  • Help set, prioritize, and communicate goals for the development team
  • Provide mentorship to other designers and team members
  • Foster a highly positive team culture by building consensus and using collaborative approaches to conflict resolution
  • You’ll work closely with the Producer

Bonus Criteria

  • 2+ years of game/level design experience or significant experience in your own time
  • Particular interest in classic 3D platformers like Mario, Crash, Ratchet and Clank
  • A portfolio including several examples of created levels
  • Strong skills in written and verbal communication
  • A passion for 3D platformers

How to Apply

To apply, please email with a CV and cover letter covering the following;

  • Tell us about levels you’ve designed in previous or current jobs; if any
  • Tell us about levels you’ve designed for fun or hobby, not work; if any
  • What’s one level of a game that impressed you and why?
  • Please indicate your preferred hourly rate.

About the Company

Our female-led studio has developed one of the best selling VR titles of all time. We intend to leave a life-long positive impression on our players. If you dream of having that effect on people and you have the skills to do it, we're inviting you to join us.