Freelance Technical Animator

3D Platformer

Role Description

This is a freelance role as a Technical Animator for a 3D Platformer.

As Technical Animator you will be responsible for creating an animation system and character rig used by our animator for our hero character.

Yes, you can work remotely. We are based in Gold Coast, Australia. When COVID finishes, there may be an option to work with us here, if you desire.

Skills & Requirements

  • Prepare a custom rig of a stylised character that includes long hair.  It will eventually need to be animated with physics or by hand.
  • Build a Mechanim system in Unity. It’ll need to include capability for accelerating, braking, stopping, turning, leaning, flying, jumping, landing, anticipation to land, wall jumping and idle.
  • Show our developer what information is needed to send to the various Mechanim variables. eg…. Raycasts to tell you how far the character is from ledges, walls and ground. 
  • Inspire us with ideas and solutions for animation polish. For example, the way hair moves when running and turning sharply. What do heavy footsteps do to baggy clothes and loose belts?
  • Planting character feet to the terrain
  • Guide the developer, animator and game director to show them what needs to be done to enable high quality stylised animation.
  • Solid understanding of facial animation methodologies.
  • In-depth knowledge of 3ds Max or Maya or a leading tool to build custom character and face rigs

Bonus Criteria

  • Particular interest in classic 3D platformers like Mario, Crash, Ratchet and Clank
  • A portfolio including several examples of created levels
  • Strong skills in written and verbal communication
  • A passion for 3D platformers


To apply, please email us at with examples of your animation work in action (via video), along with your CV and cover answering the following questions;

  • Tell us about your animation that you feel most proud of.
  • Please indicate your preferred hourly rate. 

About the Company

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