Frequently Asked Questions

What size plank do I need? How do I set it up?

The size of your plank will depend on what headset you have. Take a look at our setup guide here.

HTC Vive and Oculus Rift S

Min 0.5m
Max 2.5m

Recommended plank size: 2m long x 18cm wide

You can do an “out of headset” setup using the controllers, or an in-headset setup.


Oculus Quest

Min 0.5m
Max 20m

Recommended plank size: 2m long x 18cm wide

We ask you for length and width first, and then you use the flags to drag and drop the orientation of the plank to match your real world plank.


PlayStation VR

Min 0.5m
Max 1.8m

Recommended plank size: 1.8m long x 18cm wide

Choose your length and width first, then you need to place your real plank where the virtual plank would be.

How can I access Nightmare Mode?

To access Nightmare Mode hit 666 on the number panel hidden in the elevator. Nightmare Mode is not suitable for children.


I want to review your game; can I get free key?

We are not providing keys for review of Richie’s Plank Experience at this time.

To be considered for a review key in the future you will need to confirm your identity and audience reach via our social channels.


Can I use Richie's Plank Experience in my business?

We have commercial licences available for you to use Richie’s Plank Experience in your VR arcade, location based experience or for an event. Please visit the following links for more information.

Commercial licence options

Custom versions of Richie’s Plank Experience

Media kit and media release form

If you require custom marketing assets, please contact us.


How can I access Santa Simulator?

Santa Simulator is sold separately on Steam.

It’s free for people who already own RPE (Steam version). You can enable Santa mode in the main menu, a bell will appear in the elevator.


I found a bug! What should I do?

Contact us! You can get in touch here or on Discord.