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Fun Facts

The developers Toni and Richard are a husband and wife team from Australia. Toni couldn’t walk the plank until 2 months in.

Quotes from the Developer

“We wanted to push the sense of depth perception by showing objects up close and far away. You’ll see a plank of wood, birds, clouds, elevator vents and then the hard road, far far below.”
Richard Eastes, Developer of Richie’s Plank Experience

Quotes from Fans

The scariest fun!”

“I’m genuinely terrified”
Dan Harmon, Co-creator of Rick & Morty

“This is so cool (Flying in VR)”


Richie’s Plank Experience will test your fear of heights as you walk 80 stories high in virtual reality, on a real world plank of wood.

Your knees are shaking and your palms are sweaty, you’re on Richie’s Plank Experience, who’s next Are they ready?

Boilerplate Paragraph

Richie’s Plank Experience will test your fear of heights. Take an elevator to the plank that sits on a building 80 stories high, then dare to walk to the end! When you use a real plank of wood, the easy setup will add it into VR with accurate size, height, and location. Three bonus levels include a flying fireman experience and a sky-writing simulator.