What is the name of the music while flying in Richie’s Plank Experience?

I’m asked this questions a lot!
We have 3 songs that play on a loop while flying high in Richie’s Plank Experience. Two tracks were selected from AudioJungle, and the third created by the dev.
Many hours were spent listening to possible music for the experience. In the end, the repetitive sound of “AudioJungle” interrupting every track gave the same sensation as hearing nails down a chalkboard.  It was all worth it! The final music selected has been praised by many and made the VR flying experience even more awesome.
Featuring an epic building orchestra with energetic symphonic strings, big percussion, and arpeggiated pianos, Dramatic Emotional Inspiration is a track filled with life and excitement as it draws in listeners in a powerful way.
Twitter: @audiophiletrax
Inspired by modern action adventure films (and pirates) this piece has been sampled meticulously to sound as real as is possible: a huge brass and horn section playing the melodies with a doubled string section accompanying. This would work best in a cinematic film action sequence, or a similar video game, that requires an epic orchestra driving the action forward
Richie’s Plank Experience available on Steam and Viveport.